UN or IIP Certification

Mandatory for manufacturers of packaging material transporting Dangerous goods

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What is a UN/IIP Approval?

Dangerous goods may only be transported in packaging which has a UN marking. The UN mark is a globally recognized system established by the United Nations Expert Committee on Hazardous Goods to classify, package, mark, and label dangerous goods for safe transportation by road, rail, sea, and air. Prior to receiving a UN certification mark, testing must be conducted to ensure compliance with the specified standards. The United Nations has enacted various laws, such as the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG), which governs sea shipping and air transportation is governed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Each United Nations member country has the authority to regulate hazardous product transit.

The Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP) issues the IIP Certificate in India, also known as the UN Certificate, for packages that transport hazardous and dangerous goods. IIP has been designated as a nodal institution by the Ministry of Ports, Shipping, and Waterways and Directorate General of Civil Aviation under the Ministry of Civil Aviation for carrying out various bulk package performance tests and issuing UN Certificates. It is issued to manufacturer/dealer of packages for manufacturing any number of packages.

Brief Background

UN certification, which is mandatory, was introduced primarily for the packages used by Indian Express for carriage of dangerous goods by sea from India.

Similar compulsion was introduced for transportation by air. The packaging certified for utilisation for transport of Dangerous Goods by air shall be checked by the shippers before these are actually used for the purpose. The certified packaging shall have UN marking as indicated in the Certificates, so that only certified packaging is loaded on aircraft.

Classes of Dangerous or Hazardous Goods

Class 1: Explosive, such as gunpowder, firework
Class 2: Gases like carbon monoxide, propane
Class 3: flammable liquids such as petrol, paint
Class 4: flammable solids such as sulphur, magnesium powder
Class 5: Oxidising substances and organic peroxide like sodium nitrate, zinc peroxide
Class 6: Toxic and infectious substances like barium cyanide and arsenic
Class 7: Radioactive material like uranium hexafluoride
Class 8: Corrosive substances like potassium hydroxide
Class 9: Miscellaneous dangerous substances or articles such as plastic moulding compounds or medical kit

Types of Packaging tested at IIP

  • 1A1 – Metal Drums & Barrels (Non-Removable Head Type).
  • 1A2 – Metal Drums & Barrels (Removable Head Type).
  • 1H1 – Plastic Drums & Barrels (Non-Removable Head Type).
  • 1H2 – Plastic Drums & Barrels (Removable Head Type).
  • 1G – Fibre Board Drums (Removable Head Type).
  • 3H1 – Plastic Jerrican.
  • 4C1 – Wooden Box.
  • 4D – Plywood Box.
  • 4G – Corrugated Fibre-board Box.
  • 5H3 – Woven Sack Bags.
  • 5M2 – Paper Bags.
  • 6HA1 – Plastic & Steel Composite Drums & Barrels (Non-Removable Head Type).
  • 13H3 – FIBC – Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (Woven Jumbo Bags).
  • 31HA1 – IBC Tanks – Intermediate Bulk Container (1000 Litre Capacity Plastic Tank with Steel Cage and Wooden or Steel Plastic Pallet).


  • Filling out and sending us the Request Form
  • Presentation of samples for testing
  • Specific measurement and verification of packaging components
  • Tests required to ensure compliance of the packaging
  • Test report
  • Issue of mark and UN certificate

Validity of License

ISO 9000 Certified organizations: 18 months
Non- ISO 9000 Certified organizations: 9 months.

Registration Authority

Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP) in India

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