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Insecticides Act, 1968 and Insecticides Rules 1971 regulates the import, manufacture, storage, sale, transport, distribution and use of insecticides/pesticides with a view to prevent risk to human beings or animals.

All insecticides/pesticides have to register with the Central Insecticides Board & Registration Committee (CIB&RC) before use or sale.

Registration of Insecticides/ Pesticides:
Registration of Insecticides/Pesticides is controlled by the Central Government and manufacturing license, formulation and sale are dealt with at the State level.

  • Any person desiring to import or manufacture any insecticide/pesticide may apply to the Registration Committee for the registration.
  • On receipt of such application, the Committee after an inquiry and after satisfying itself that the insecticide/pesticide to which the application relates conforms to the claims made by the importer or by the manufacturer and on payment of a fee allot a registration number and issue a certificate of registration in token thereof within a period of twelve months from the date of receipt of the application.
  • The Committee may refuse to register the insecticide, if the precaution claimed by the application involves serious risk to human beings or animals.
  • An appeal against any decision of the Registration Committee under section 9 shall be made in writing in duplicate to the Central Government in the Department of Agriculture.
  • Every appeal shall be accompanied by a treasury challan evidencing the payment of fee and a copy of the decision appealed against.
  • Online registration service is also available for the ease of the applicant for which his PAN is required.

Three types of Registration:

  • Regular (original) Registration u/s 9(3) – after submission of complete data to the satisfaction of the Registration Committee.
  • Provisional Registration u/s 9(3b) – If an Insecticide is being introduced for the first time in India, Registration Committee may register it provisionally for a period of 2 years.
  • Repeat or ‘Me Too’ registration under Section 9 (4) – on the basis and same conditions as those of original registration.

Online registration of Pesticides:
Computerized Registration of Pesticides (CROP) is a web-based application for Registration of Pesticides developed for the Central Insecticides Board and Registration Committee. The application is supposed to automate the entire registration procedure.

The highlights of the application are summarized below:

  • Online Application for Registration of Pesticides under 9(3) & 9(3b).
  • On line status checking.
  • Frequent email notification to the applicant at certain milestone of the registration process till Deficiency Reporting & Approval.
  • Online application for the grievances.

Services we offer:

Registration u/s 9(3)

Registrations for:-

  • First time Introduced Technical Indigence Manufacture (TIM) of Insecticide/ Herbicide/ fungicide/Biopesticide.
  • First time Introduced Technical Import (TI) of Insecticide/ Herbicide/ fungicide/Biopesticide.
  • First time Introduced Formulation Indigence Manufacture (FIM) of Insecticide/ Herbicide/ fungicide/Biopesticide.
  • First time Introduced Technical Import (TI) of Insecticide/ Herbicide/ fungicide/Biopesticide from New Source.
  • First time Introduced Formulation Import (FI) of Insecticide/ Herbicide/ fungicide/Biopesticide from New Source.
Registration under Section 9(3B)

Where the Registration Committee is of opinion that the Insecticide is being introduced for the first time in India, it may, pending any inquiry, register it provisionally for a period of two years on such conditions as may be specified.

Registration under Section 9(4) Formulation

Notwithstanding anything containing in the section, where an insecticide has been registered on the application of any person, any other person desiring to import or manufacture the insecticide or engaged in the business of, import or manufacture thereof, shall on application and on payment of prescribed fee be allotted a registration number and granted a certificate of registration in respect thereof on the same conditions on which the insecticide was originally registered.

Registration of Bio-pesticides

Providing assistance for registration of bio-pesticides under 9(3B) and 9(4).

Registration for Export of existing/new Technical and formulations

No separate registration is required by the company for export, if the product is already registered in his favour for use in the country. The company can also export the said product. In order to facilitate such registrants to comply with the export requirements, the following conditions may be incorporated in all certificates of registrations sought for domestic consumption and export.

“In case of the consignments of the product for export purpose, the primary packaging may be as per the requirement of the importing country.”

In view of Government, ‘Make in India’ initiative and to prevent the diversion of unregistered material (which has not been evaluated completely for its efficacy and safety) in domestic market, it is proposed that import of technical or formulation for export of the pesticides/products already registered for use in the country, be permitted only from the source registered for use in the country.

A. Applications for pesticides already registered for use in the country.

  1. Category – A I
    Products registered for the use in the country by any registrant (including plant based products, but not microbial pest control agents) for indigenous manufacture of technical with same and different impurity profile/formulations (including combination formulations) for indigenous manufacture made out of these technical and having same lower or higher concentrations, different adjuvants or new type of formulations.
  2. Category – A II
    Technical import or formulation import exclusively for export from ‘already registered source of import for use in the country’.
  3. Category – A III
    In case of Microbial Pest Control Agents if application is for export of already registered strain.

B. Applications for pesticides not yet registered for use in the country.

  1. Category – B I

The technical once registered exclusively for export (for indigenous manufacture or import), then subsequent registrants applying registrations for the same products (with different impurity profile their higher lower conc. or its formulations including combination formulations).

  1. Category – B II
    Indigenous manufacture/import of technical and its formulations for pesticides not registered for use in the country and is for sole purpose of export.
  2. Category – B III
    Indigenous manufacture of Botanical (technical/formulation) Pesticides not registered for the use in the country.
  3. Category – B IV
    If the MPCA or its strain is not registered for use in the country.
Enhancement of Products Shelf Life

An applicant who is registered u/s 9(4) may apply, the product, for which the shelf life enhancement is applied and the registration status of the product along with the proof for each of them.

Packing & Labelling

Every package containing the insecticides shall be of a type approved by the Registration Committee.

RTT permit

Permission for import of sample quantity of pesticides for research, test and trial (RTT) purposes is given by secretary of CIB & RC.

Import Permit of insecticides for Non insecticidal use

Presently, for import of multi-use insecticides which are used for non-insecticidal purpose, import permit is required to be obtained from CIB & RC.

Endorsement for transfer of Certificate of Registration / the address change/Company name change

The holder of a licence may, at any time, before the expiry of the licence, apply for permission to transfer the licence to any other person. Addition, deletion or alteration on the Certificate of Registration including labels and leaflets can be done under the Act.

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