Model Approval

Manufacturing or importing any weighing or measuring instruments?

Make an Application to the Legal Metrology Department.

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Model Approval of weight and measure instruments is regulated by Legal Metrology Act, 2009 read with The Legal Metrology (Approval of Models) Rules, 2001.

These rules govern approval by Central Government for manufacturing and importing weight and measure instruments in order to avoid usage of faulty and unauthorised instruments. Model Approval means all weight and measuring instruments undergo testing and calibration according to the standards laid down in the Legal Metrology Act to maintain accuracy.

“Model” means the final physical representation of a weight or measure in which all the components imparting to it the necessary metrological and technical characteristics and qualities as provided in the Act and the Rules made there under are suitably assembled so that subject to prescribed tolerances, every weight or measure produced in accordance with such model may be similar as regards dimensions, constructions, material performance and other metrological and technical characteristics.

Every person before manufacturing or importing any weight or measure instruments shall seek the approval of model from the Legal Metrology Department along with payment of fee as may be prescribed by the authority.

The prescribed authority may, if he is satisfied that the model of any weight or measure which has been approved in a country outside India conforms to the standards established by or under this Act approve such model without any test or after such test as he may deem fit.

Instruments covered under Model Approval Rules
  • Auto rickshaw and Taxi meter
  • Automatic gravimetric filing instrument
  • Automatic instruments for weighing road vehicles in-motion and measuring axle loads
  • Automatic rail weighbridge
  • Catch weighing instrument (check weigher)
  • Clinical thermometer
  • CNG dispenser
  • Counter machine
  • Discontinuous totalizing automatic weighing instrument (Hopper weigher)
  • Flow meters
  • Gas meters
  • Liquor measures
  • Measuring systems for Liquids other than water
  • Measuring tape
  • Non-automatic weighing instrument
  • Sphygmomanometer (Blood Pressure Meter)
  • Volumetric capacity measures of higher Capacities
  • Water meter
  • Any other weight and measures.
Model Approval Process
  • Manufacturer/Importer of any weighing and measuring instrument shall make an application of Model Approval to the Director of Legal Metrology Department;
  • Submission of the model to Regional Reference Standard Laboratory (RRSL), Department of Consumer Affairs, Government of India along with the prescribed fee;
  • Testing for the assessment of fitness of a model submitted, is carried out by RRSL;
  • Issue of Certificate of Approval.
Registration Authority

Central Government – Director – Legal Metrology

Model Approval may not be required in respect of any cast iron, brass, bullion or carat weight or any beam scale, length measures (not being measuring tapes) which are ordinarily used in retail trade for measuring textiles or timber, capacity measures not exceeding twenty litre in capacity, which are ordinarily used in retail trade for measuring kerosene, milk or potable liquors.

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