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What is DIN or DPIN?
DIN is a unique Director identification number allotted by the Central Government to any person intending to be a Director or an existing director of a company. It is an 8-digit unique identification number which has a lifetime validity. Through DIN, details of the directors are maintained in a database.

DIN is specific to a person, which means even if he is a director in 2 or more companies, he has to obtain only 1 DIN. And if he leaves a company and joins some other, the same DIN would work in the other company as well.

Designated Partner Identification Number (DPIN) is a registration required for any person who wishes to be appointed as a Designated Partners of a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).

DIN and DPIN integration
DIN and DPIN can be used interchangeably. If a person holds both DIN and DPIN, then the DPIN will stand cancelled and the DIN must be used for appointing the person as a Designated Partner of a LLP. If a person has been allotted DPIN then the same shall be used as DIN under Companies Act.

How to apply for DIN/DPIN?

  1. SPICe Form:

Any person (not having DIN) proposed to become a first director in a new company shall have to make an application through eForm SPICe.

  1. DIR-3 Form:

Any person intending to become a director in an existing company shall have to make an application in eForm DIR-3 for DIN allotment. All persons intending to become designated partners of an LLP need to file eForm DIR-3 in order to obtain DPIN.

  1. DIR-6 Form:

Any changes in the particulars of the directors shall be filed in form DIR-6.

Documents required?

  1. For SPICe Form:

The applicant is required to attach the proof of Identity and address along with the application. DIN would be allocated to User only after approval of the form.

  1. For DIR-3:

Photograph, Identity proof, Residence proof, Verification (Name, father’s name, present address, date of birth, text of declaration and physical signature of the applicant)

In case of foreign nationals, they are required to submit their passport as an identity proof.

Documents to be attested by a CA or CS or CMA:

The attachments specified above must be attested by a Chartered Accountant or a Company Secretary or a Cost Accountant, in whole time practice.

In case of foreign nationals, their documents can be attested by Consulate of the Indian Embassy and Foreign Public Notary.

Upon upload of the form, filing fee of eForm DIR-3 is to be paid. Only electronic payment of the fees is allowed (i.e. Net banking / Credit Card/Debit Card/Pay later/ NeFT).

Generation of DIN/DPIN:

Upon upload of the form and successful payment, in case Form DIR-3 details have not been identified as potential duplicate, Approved DIN/DPIN shall be generated and if the details have been identified as potential duplicate, Provisional DIN/DPIN shall be generated.

  1. For DIR-6:

If there is any change in the particulars submitted in form DIR-3/SPICe with respect to Directors, applicant can submit e-form DIR-6. For instance, in the event of change of address of a director, he/she is required to intimate this change by submitting e-form DIR-6 along with the required attested document.

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